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I haven’t updated this recently, but then neither have events for biodiesel in Texas. - The Biodiesel Industry has certainly had its ups and downs over the past few years with Texas playing an important role. Through my involvement in BCOT (the Biodiesel Coalition Of Texas, the association representing the biodiesel industry in our State) and having represented Pacific Biodiesel Texas (also known as Willie Nelson’s plant at Carl’s Corner), I have had an insider’s view and it sometimes resembles making sausage. This blog is dedicated to the news and trends of the industry in Texas as I see them. The views and observations represented are mine and intended as information only. With accuracy a goal, there may be inaccuracies from time to time, so don’t take any of this to the bank. Feedback is welcomed and I invite anyone to please let me know about activities and events taking place that effect the production, sells and use of biodiesel in Texas.

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Texas Bob’s  Biodiesel Blog
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