EnviroSol Brings Environmental

Solutions To Industry


Originally founded as a hazardous waste collection and disposal company, EnviroSol expanded into biofuels distribution (primarily biodiesel) in 2004, and in 2006 into antifreeze recycling and sales. Serving the heavy commercial trade, containers (usually totes or 55 gallon drums) clearly marked for 'used antifreeze' are placed at your location(s) as well as containers for the new engine coolant. As your usage demands, you contact EnviroSol when the containers need to be emptied and/or refilled. Delivery truck(s) are then dispatched to the desired location.

Regarding the recycling; standard filtering is utilized as a first step of the process. Then it is sent through a high volume reverse osmosis system, which separates all heavy metals, isolating them with other contaminates. Further 'polishing' produces the highest quality feedstock. Additional glycol is then added as necessary along with the appropriate Penray additive and dye to meet the desired application.

All antifreeze meets or exceeds ASTM and OEM specs as required by the client.

As earlier mentioned, the primary market is that of the large commercial fleet and industrial users of antifreeze. For example, the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) contract, serving their 800 plus bus fleet.

In addition to the high quality, the affordability of our product(s) is unsurpassed as shown by the prices below. For more information, shoot me an email at bob@pruitt.net .




February, 2008

                                                                                      Price Per Gallon / Per Drum           

                                                - Auto Universal                      $ 3.45 gallon              


                                                - Truck Heavy Duty                 $ 4.45 gallon              


                                                - Auto Extended Life                $ 4.45 gallon              


                                                - Truck Extended Life               $ 4.99 gallon              


                                                - Poly 55 gallon drum               $ 35.00 per drum


                                                - Disposal of 55 gallon drum     $ 20.00 per drum


                                                - Oil filter recycling                   $ 55.00 per drum


                                                - Used Absorbent                     $ 95.00 per drum


                        • Prices subject to change without notice

                        • Includes delivery and pick up of customers used antifreeze

                        • Used antifreeze is picked up free if percent Glycol is greater than 30%

                        • If percent is less than 30% then a disposal fee is charged of $ 1.00 per gallon

EnviroSol’s Antifreeze Recycling & Reconstitution