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So you might notice that I have a portion of the site titled ‘Everything Marly’. Well, it’s a small collection of images of the closest thing I will ever have to a grandchild. Marly is the daughter of Jade and Dave, and Jade is the daughter of Christy; my Sweetie. This page will be updated periodically and images are welcome.

If you’ve got way too much time on your hands, you can always explore my blog page titled ‘Texas Bob’s Biodiesel Blog’. Those who know me, know that I am passionate about biodiesel and one of its strongest advocates, at least in Texas. If I can tell that people are actually visiting the page, I will contribute to it on a regular basis. Until then, I’l throw out some information every ‘now and then’.


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Did you know, as a Biodiesel producer (and sometimes as a distributor) you can sell the Carbon Credits associated with your fuel? You can figure around 2¢ additional profit per gallon. Basically, you sell the credits and then receive a check. Many times, this can be done in advance of the production of the fuel.

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